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In the wide savannahs that color the heart of the country, three rivers meet: Tocantins, São Francisco and Prata. In this unique landscape breathes the Brazilian Cerrado, embellished with leafy trees, sweet fruits, lively fauna and colorful sunsets..


Ingredient: Jenipapo

In this magnifescent scenario, blooms a majestic tree: Jenipapo. Its golden flowers brighten the landscape and fill the air with a floral-fruity fragrance. To pay tribute to this tree of the sun, L’Occitane au Brésil launched the Jenipapo range, with extracts of this typical flower from the Cerrado, with protecting and hydrating properties.

The design of the Jenipapo line is the fruit of the collaboration between Olivier Baussan and Andrés Sandoval, a Brazilian illustrator and graphic artist.


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