A Breakthrough For Youthful Skin

To enhance overworked skin’s natural ability to regenerate, the L’OCCITANE Laboratory developed a programme designed to work in harmony with the skin. It combines, for the first time, superior-quality immortelle essential oil from Corsica, rich in active molecules, with a blend of active ingredients from the Corsican maquis, selected for their renewing properties.

New Divine Renewal Programme
4 Formulas 4 Weeks

4 Formulas. 4 Weeks.

Working in tune with the skin's natural renewal cycle.

On the island of Corsica grows the immortelle, an extraordinary flower. It owes its name to its exceptional longevity as the flower never fades, even after it has been picked. New to our award-winning Divine Skincare Collection is the 28-Day Divine Renewal Programme that aims to naturally restore and improve the look and feel of your skin. Made with carefully selected immortelle flowers picked at an optimal stage of maturity from our sustainable organic plantation in Corsica, the four intensive treatment oil formulas support your skin’s needs throughout the renewal process.

Week 1

Gentle Exfoliation

Helps the skin to rid itself of pore-clogging dead cells. Pistacia lentiscus essential oil acts as a gentle exfoliator by encouraging the natural turnover process.

74% agreed, skin looks luminous*
80% agreed, the skin surface feels more even*

Week 2

Hydration & Nutrition

Helps to strengthen new cells. Four plant oils, combined with cistus essential oil, help nourish and moisturise the skin.

86% agreed, skin feels intensely nourished*
89% agreed, skin feels intensely moisturised*

Week 3


Contributes to the well-being of the skin, to prepare it for the benefits of the final step.
Myrtle and rosemary essential oils, with rebalancing properties, contribute to the overall well-being of the skin.

69% agreed, the skin seems stronger*
83% agreed, the overall aspect of the skin seems improved*

Week 4


Gives radiance and plumpness to the skin. The combination of carrot, cypress and immortelle essential oils provides a global solution to the signs of ageing.

89% agreed, the skin seems smoother*
83% agreed, the skin seems regenerated*

*Consumer test conducted over 4 weeks on 35 working women living in an urban environment and exposed to stress.


The new 28-Day Divine Renewal Programme formulas are presented in easy-to-use, single-use doses, one for each day. Their ultra-fine natural oil textures melt into the skin, infusing it with the powerful active ingredients they contain.

For best results, use in the evening when skin is at rest and most receptive
to skincare treatments. Apply one single dose every day onto cleansed skin, either alone or before your usual moisturiser. Warm the oil in the palm of your hand and massage across the face, neck and décolletage avoiding the eye area. Ideal for all skin types.


"The cells that make up the epidermis of the skin have the ability to renew themselves. They divide in the basal layer, then move up to the skin surface and become corneocytes, which form the skin’s natural protective barrier. This cycle takes 28 days. These corneocytes are completely keratinized cells, i.e. dead cells that are renewed as they are shed naturally from the surface of the skin. However, when the skin is exposed to stress and harsh environmental elements, this natural epidermal renewal process is disrupted, causing damage to the skin’s barrier function and contributing to the acceleration of skin ageing."

- Jean-Louis Pierrisnard
Scientific Director for L'OCCITANE

Superior immortelle from corsica

Grown and harvested in exceptionally sunny conditions

At the heart of the Corsican maquis, the island’s fragrant scrubland, grows the immortelle – a flower that never fades. Its Latin name, Helichrysum, means “golden sun”.
Over ten years ago, L’OCCITANE patented this plant’s exceptional anti-ageing powers. L’OCCITANE currently has five patents pending in France for the Immortelle range.
There are areas in Corsica where immortelle is grown in exceptionally sunny conditions. The flowers that grow there are picked when they reach an optimal stage of their maturity. Any intervention from man is made with the greatest respect for the environment: harvesting is done by sickle, while the sheep are responsible for the weeding. The land is cultivated as naturally as possible and the conditions in which the immortelle flowers grow are similar to those in the wild.
From this perfectly protected cultivation, L’OCCITANE has distilled a rare immortelle essential oil of superior quality that contains a high concentration of active molecules, for unique youthful beauty results. It delivers all its benefits to the skin, infusing it with a new energy