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Light up my future

This limited edition citrus candle has been developed in an exclusive partnership with Marie Claire in order to raise funds for the education of girls and  young women in
developing countries. The flame is a symbol of hope, a beacon of knowledge spreading the light of understanding and education throughout the world.

From September 2016, the candle will be sold at L’Occitane stores and online across the UK, Ireland, France, Italy and Czech Republic.

100% of the profits* will be donated to selected charities supporting girls’ schools and education projects in Cambodia, Uganda, Sierre Leone and Burkina Faso. 

La Flamme Marie Claire aims to raise over €300,000 globally. In the Ireland, candle sales will be donated to three charities: Plan International UK, Toutes à L'École 
and Entrepreneurs Du Monde.**


Global children’s charity Plan International works with girls and boys in 52 of the world’s poorest countries to help them gain the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to claim their rights, free themselves from poverty, and live positive, fulfilling lives. By ensuring quality and inclusive education for girls around the world through its flagship Because I am a Girl campaign – the world’s biggest campaign for girls’ rights - Plan International aims to support wider girls’ rights, gender equality, and long term poverty eradication.

Plan International UK will receive 46% of the amount raised in the UK and Ireland. L’Occitane UK will also make an additional donation to the charity, making a total donation amount of £25,000. These funds will be split between two of Plan International UK’s education projects. One project is training girls to become teachers in rural Sierra Leone, and the second project is removing the barriers to girls' education in rural Uganda. 

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Less than a third of school children worldwide are girls. Given this knowledge, ex Managing Director of French Marie Claire, Tina Kieffer founded a charity called Toutes A L’Ecole. After adopting a little girl in Cambodia, she was struck by how the lack of available education affected women in the country, making them dependent, powerless and vulnerable. She decided to open a pilot school called Happy Chandara, located in Phnom Penh - her mission was to offer high-level education to girls from the poorest backgrounds in order to bring them freedom and dignity. Opened in 2006 with 92 young students, the school now provides education to over 1000 girls. 

Toutes à L'École will receive 40% of the amount raised in the UK and Ireland and will use the funds raised to support its Happy Chandara school for young girls in Cambodia.

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A French association founded in 1998, Entrepreneurs du Monde acts within developing countries. The association allows thousands of men and women from precarious situations to improve their lives by providing the needed resource and support to establish their own economic initiatives. Today the association acts in 11 countries, through special programs and local partnerships focusing on 3 key areas; social micro finance, access to resource and the creation of small businesses (SME’s). In 2015, Entreprenuers du Monde supported over 132,000 beneficiaries of which 85% were women.

Entrepreneurs du Monde will receive 14% of the amount raised in the UK and Ireland and will use the funds donated on education projects in Burkina Faso, Africa. 

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The L'OCCITANE Foundation

For over 30 years, L’OCCITANE has supported numerous ethical and charitable organizations. The L’OCCITANE Foundation, the charitable arm of L'OCCITANE, is committed to supporting women and financing international projects and NGO’s worldwide and is a partner of UN WOMEN and the Fund for Equality, which aims to improve the lives of women, focusing primarily on their economic and political empowerment. One of their major projects has been enabling the women of Burkino Faso, where L’OCCITANE sources their famous Shea Butter, to develop other revenue generating activities to drive them towards economic emancipation. The Foundation works on 3 pillars: teaching skills and basic knowledge through literacy programs, granting financial resources through microcredit programs and entrepreneurial support for those wanting to create and develop their own small businesses.

* profit = candle price minus tax, cost of production and transportation

** 46% of UK and Ireland profits will be donated to Plan International UK (charity number 276035), 14% to Entrepreneurs Du Monde (registered in France, charity number 431 225 713 00046) and 40% to Toutes à l'école (registered in France, charity number 487 807 786 00040).