Your Anti-Pollution Skincare Routine

Did you know pollution can damage your skin and make it age faster? So, whether you are living in a busy city or commuting through one, keep your skin fresh and protected by investing in some anti-pollution skincare; a grey city should never dull your glow! Read on to learn how to protect your skin from pollution thanks to our skin specialist's advice on anti-pollution skincare.

Meet Sasha Meet Sasha

Meet Sasha

Hi everyone! I’m Sasha and I’ve been working with my L’Occitane family for 8 years now.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every second of it and have remained with the brand for so long because I really love their ethics, commitments and values. We support biodiversity for our planet, recycling for our future, support for our producers and investment in women’s free enterprise, so I am truly proud to be a part of this!

What is Anti-Pollution Skincare?

Anti-pollution skincare is skincare that is rich in antioxidants such as Vitamin E and Vitamin C that help shield your skin against the damaging effects of pollution.

Taking a look at what the effects of pollution are on our skin, most of us know about the damaging effects of things like UVA/UVB etc., but not so many people realise how much everyday pollution affects our skin too, both face and body. Pollution is what’s called a ‘free-radical’, an unstable atom that can damage skin cells causing them to oxidise. This causes pre-mature ageing and distress to the skin - in fact, external factors (as opposed to internal/genetic factors) are accountable for up to 80% of ageing signs on our skin.

It is therefore possible to protect your skin from pollution; now we could go into the whole ‘drink more water, use sun protection, drink green tea’ conversation but you will have heard them 100 times before (and if not, head over to our other article How To Get Glowing Skin)

So, for now to help you protect skin from pollution we will focus on anti-pollution skincare.

Prevention Comes First

Our bodies are anti-pollution, free-radical-self-defence ninjas – but they can only fight off these little nasties if we provide the right ‘weapons’. The answer comes in the form of anti pollution skincare ingredients like anti-oxidants. These are present in citrus fruits, leafy greens and berries (sorry I said I wouldn’t mention these, I won’t again promise) but it’s these that provide Vitamin E and Vitamin C which actively help neutralize these free-radicals. Vitamin C can be found in our Invigorating Face & Eye Mask, which will enrich and revive tired skin.

We are already aware of the antioxidant benefits for skin but their anti-pollution effects come from the fact that they stop the oxidization of cells and therefore prevent damage, and less damage means reduced need to replace those cells and tire your body out having to replace them! Your body can only replace so many cells before it starts to slow down this cell production, and that’s when signs of ageing set in. This is why prevention is better than cure - it’s easier to slow down signs of ageing than reverse it!

Prevention Comes First Prevention Comes First

Your Anti-Pollution Skincare Routine

So aside from your intake of these anti-oxidants, you can also apply them externally, and that’s where we come in. Our Immortelle Essential Oil is naturally rich in anti-oxidants, with DOUBLE the power of Vitamin E! Organically grown and hand-harvested from fields that are lovingly tended-to by our farmers, this oil can be found in our PreciousResetDivine and Harmony skincare lines.

Start off by always setting your skin up to be ready for the day; a morning wash with a gentle, fresh and hydrating cleanser like our Aqua Cleanser will not only wake up your skin, but by keeping it hydrated your pores will also reduce in appearance, ensuring pollutants from tube trains and exhaust fumes don’t get into the pores so easily. Then use a gentle toner such as our Immortelle Essential Water (with that golden Immortelle ingredient in it!) as this will further refine skin texture andsweep a layer of anti-oxidants over it.

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So, whether you are living in a busy city or commuting through one, keep your skin fresh and protected by investing in some anti-pollution skincare; a grey city should never dull your glow!