How to succeed


Here are some tips on how to succeed through your application that may benefit you when applying for any role.

Application Tips

Application Tips
At L’Occitane, we hold a strong people-centric attitude. We really want to get to know you and encourage you to be yourself throughout the Recruitment journey.

We list all our current vacancies on the L’Occitane Careers page and before exploring any of these further, we encourage you to assess your expertise, interests and attributes to see what field is right for you.

You may find it helpful to read the Job Description of your desired role, which will give you further insight into the role itself. You can then use this understanding to assess whether you have the relevant skills to excel within the position. Whilst doing this, think about times or examples from your previous jobs or work experiences where you felt empowered, passionate and where you thrived within your working environment. This will help the recruiters get a better sense of your personality, capabilities and successes. Remember, the most important thing to come across in this application process is YOU.

Once you have found your perfect match, attach your CV and hit send! You will then shortly receive an automated message to confirm that we have received your application.

CV Tips

CV Tips
- Highlight your relevant experience – Not in a bold colour, but make sure it’s summarised at the top of your cv and that it stands out.

- Beauty qualifications? Make sure you mention these. We love a beauty background.

- Chronological order. Most recent jobs at the top!

- Any career breaks. Let us know why; did you travel, start a family? This helps us get to know you better.

- Show your personality. Showcase yourself and your hobbies to stand out from the crowd.

- Keep it simple. By this, we mean presentation. Images and different fonts do stand out, but sometimes for the wrong reasons. Make sure the presentation is not too distracting and that it doesn’t take away from your great experience.

- Keep it concise. Ensure your CV is not too lengthy. Go into detail for relevant experience only. For any roles that are not relevant to your application, do keep it short and simple. Otherwise, you could be in danger of overloading.

Our Process

Process Telephone Interview


This is just a short informal interview where our recruitment officers want to get to know you and give you more information about the job post.


- Know which brands you have applied for! Hitting send on multiple job ads will definitely help your turnover for interviews but if you are passionate about long-term careers then it helps to know a little bit about the businesses you have applied for.

- Get yourself in a quiet spot where you can concentrate. If you are travelling or in a space where you can’t give your full attention ask the recruiter to call you back at a time that’s more suitable, we would prefer you to be comfortable and relaxed.

- Show your personality. Do not be afraid to show us who you are on a telephone interview, we are passionate about people and want to know what inspires you.
Process Face-to-Face Interview


Between the telephone and face-to-face interview you may be asked to complete some online tests for us. This is mainly for more ‘admin heavy’ roles so may not apply to all roles. If no tests are required, you would move straight to the face-to-face interview with the hiring manager. The recruiter will call you to schedule in the time and follow this up with an email confirmation.


Wear in business attire. We are quite a relaxed brand, however, it is always best to make a professional first impression by coming dressed to impress.

- Do some further research on the brand! After your telephone interview, do go away and dig a little further. Maybe choose 1 or 2 things to learn that you didn’t already know.  These may be the things that inspire you to work for us.

- Visit a Boutique. It is great to be able to speak on the Boutique environment from a customer’s perspective e.g. how did you feel when shopping with us? Do you have ideas for improving the experience?

- Depending on the role you are applying for, there may be further stages, which the Talent Team will then discuss with you and ensure that you are fully prepared for!