Caring For Sight Collection

This year, to celebrate World Sight Day (8th October), we are partnering again with Sightsavers Ireland and have collaborated with Laetitia Rouget to design 3 Solidarity beauty boxes with L’Occitane’s best loved collections.


The donation will support the screening of 43,300 children for eye conditions and training of 1,812 teachers to carry out eye tests in schools in Islamabad, Pakistan.
By screening children in schools, we can identify conditions early and ensure they receive the right treatment so that they have an equal opportunity to achieve in school.

It is critical that eye conditions are detected early, so children can receive the right treatment, ensuring they have an equal opportunity to achieve in school.

Pakistan is ranked 150th out of 188 countries in the UNDP Human Development Index (2018) making it a developing country with nearly 40% of the population living below the income poverty line.

It is estimated that around 4 million children in Pakistan have uncorrected refractive error and require glasses. Yet, they do not have an easy access to eye tests or glasses due to lack of availability of eye health services and lack of understanding of eye health among parents and teachers alike. Research shows correcting poor vision results in a greater impact on academic performances than any other health intervention.

Meet The Artist

"My name is Laetitia Rouget, I am a French artist living in London and this is my home where I do ceramic and painting, upcycle chairs as well, and furniture.

I was really happy to work on this project as I always loved L’OCCITANE. All the natural ingredients, the smell, the fact that it is French and it reminds me of memories and souvenirs.

This special collaboration as well had a special meaning to me because it is a collaboration between L’OCCITANE and UNICEF and for a good cause, so I was really happy to be part of it."

The Design

"The inspiration behind the collection is nature with lots of flowers and colours. I first draw everything by hand and then I started to rework them.

The inspiration behind the 3 boxes are unique to each collection  - the first, is the delicate petals box with little roses and flowers, the blue collection was much more inspired by the idea of dream and cocooning with clouds. And the last one, is about the idea of French Provence and the countryside with more like herbs and botanic scent, with some beautiful leaves."