L’OCCITANE celebrates the poetic beauty of the Cherry Blossom and its delicate flowers. The Cherry Blossom Range is a feminine bouquet of powdery Cherry Blossom and sweet fruits. The Cherry Extract comes from Lubéron, where Cherries are traditionally harvested to make candied fruits and mouth-watering jams! We also have a NEW limited edition Cherry Blossom range which captures the joy of seeing the Cherry Blossom trees flowering & bearing fruit as it marks the start of spring & summer.

Whether it's Limited Edition or our classic Cherry Blossom Collections, layer with our body & fragrance ranges to build up a long lasting scent throughout the day. Spraying fragrance on moisturised skin also helps to retain the scent!

New to Cherry Blossom?

Why not discover the range with our Cherry Blossom Travel Collection which is delicate, fruity and fresh.  

Limited Edition Cherry Blossom Collection

Enjoy the delicious cherry flower scent with the Limited Edition Cherry Blossom Collection! This fresh, fruity and zesty edition will keep you energised while indulging your senses. Discover our exclusive collection of cherry blossom infused fragrances, as well as body & hand care products.

Happy Cherry Eau De Toliette

Our NEW limited edition Eau De Toilette is a sparkling version of the classic Cherry Blossom Eau De Toilette: a fresh, floral and more citrusy scent which includes notes of lemon, blackcurrant, cherry blossom, violet and cherry.

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Original Cherry Blossom Collection

The floral and fruity notes of the Original Cherry Blossom Collection will give you that fresh spring feel and leave you feeling light, fresh and full of energy. Explore our range of Cherry Blossom infused products and wrap yourself in the delicious fruity scent with our original  skincare, hand care, body care and fragrances.

Cherry Blossom Bath & Shower Gel Refill

With its clever design, this NEW eco-refill size is easy to pour and replenish your favourite Bath & Shower Gel!

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Cherry Blossom Skincare & Hand Care

Cherry Blossom Fragrance & Body Care

Cherry Blossom

We celebrate the beauty of cherry trees and their delicate flowers.The Cherry tree is a strong part of the Provencal landscape. The Cherry extract that L’OCCITANE uses in its Cherry Blossom products is locally sourced from Luberon in Provence!