L’OCCITANE cuts over 30 tonnes of cardboard packaging during Christmas 2019

As part of the brand’s plan to Reduce, Recycle and React, L’OCCITANE en Provence has cut down on excessive holiday packaging. In a bid to minimise the amount of packaging materials, the company reduced its use of cardboard by 31 tonnes in 2019's Christmas range.

​With sensible sustainable thinking at its core, L’OCCITANE designed its collection of Christmas products and gift sets with the environment in mind. Using a new, micro-corrugated cardboard structure, the brand reduced the weight of its most popular holiday gift boxes by 20%, which led to an overall reduction of 22 tonnes of cardboard compared to last year. In addition, L’OCCITANE optimised the format of its gift boxes, cutting another 9 tonnes of cardboard without reducing the number of products they contain.
L’OCCITANE is also committed to ensuring all its wrapping paper is made from recycled and recyclable materials. The brand has never used plastic bags in its stores, using paper bags instead. Its gift ribbons are made of a new cellulose-based material which biodegrades within six months, whilst its silk paper is 100% recycled and FSC® certified.

As part of its recycling efforts, L’OCCITANE partners with TerraCycle – a collection and recycling programme that specialises in hard-to-recycle packaging – to enable the upcycling of beauty products from any brand. Customers are able to easily recycle their empties at all participating L’OCCITANE boutiques. Currently, over 40% of L’OCCITANE’s 1,572 owned stores worldwide offer in-store recycling, and L’OCCITANE has pledged to expand that to 100% by 2025.

L'OCCITANE Recycling Programme

Recycling Programme


Respect for the environment is at the heart of L’OCCITANE, that’s why we’ve partnered with TerraCycle® to provide a collection and recycling programme for our customers to be able to simply recycle their empties at any of the L’OCCITANE boutiques.