Eco-Refill Collection

With our Eco-Refill products you can enjoy your favourite L'OCCITANE beauty products while reducing your waste! 85% plastic is saved on average compared to the original product. Choose from our bestselling body care, hair care and soap refills and say goodbye to plastic pollution!

Eco-Refill Bestsellers

Body Care Refills

Hair Care Refills

Skincare Refills

Our Commitments


L’OCCITANE urges consumers to reduce their single use plastic purchases and make the switch to more sustainable, refillable options to fight the waves of plastic pollution. Using eco-refills for your beauty and cosmetics products is an additional way we can all reduce plastic consumption and pollution on an enormous scale!

L'OCCITANE Refill Fountains

Here at L’OCCITANE we are happy to share that we have multiple Refill Fountains across our stores in UK and Ireland!

Our refill fountains will allow you to restock on your favourites without the extra plastic, and paired with our Forever Bottles, you will be making the ultimate eco-conscious choice!
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Our Forever Bottle

100% Recycled & Recyclable

The Forever Bottle is a chic addition to any home. Made of long-lasting, lightweight and recyclable aluminium, each bottle is embellished with the imagery of L’OCCITANE’s signature ingredients! Available in all L’OCCITANE Boutiques, these bottles can be refilled at Refill Fountains in local participating boutiques or refilled using the L’OCCITANE Eco-Refills. Our refill bottles come in a 250ml and 500ml size.

Sustainable Beauty Swaps

It’s the little things that can make a big difference. Discover easy sustainable beauty swaps that you can switch easily into your beauty routine whilst making a difference to the planet. At L'OCCITANE, we've been focusing on ways to create recyclable beauty products for many years. Discover more of our eco-friendly products that you can use from Head to Toe!
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TerraCycle®: Our Recycling Partner

A pioneering (and very green!) company, TerraCycle® is the world leader in the collection and recycling of post-consumer waste that's usually considered non-recyclable. It teams up with companies who want to find ways to recycle or upcycle their waste. TerraCycle® can recycle plastic cups, toothbrushes, pens, batteries, art supplies, cigarette's an incredible list! Through partnerships with brands like L'OCCITANE, it takes used packaging and turns it into raw materials that can be used to make new items. 

Now, more than ever, we must aim for sustainable solutions, a cleaner environment and a more circular economy. TerraCycle
® is helping to make this possible.