Get Ready For The Festive Season!

It’s time to get ready, because the party season is almost upon us. Whether you’ve endured a year of lockdowns or a year of essential working, you deserve to finally have a bit of you time! So enough of the zoom calls, it’s time for your curtain call, step out in style and put yourself in the spotlight!

"Hi everyone! I’m Sasha and I’ve been working with my L’Occitane family for 8 years now. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every second of it and have remained with the brand for so long because I really love their ethics, commitments and values. We support biodiversity for our planet, recycling for our future, support for our producers and investment in women’s free enterprise, so I am truly proud to be a part of this!

With Christmas fast approaching, below I have shared my routine on prepping for the festive season…"

1. All About The Prep

"Did you know that you look your best when you feel your best? Get your confidence boosted by giving yourself a little pamper before your evening out. It doesn’t have to take long, just a 15-minute, super hydrating face mask like our Aqua Réotier Mineral Moisture Mask which will leave your skin super smooth, glass-like and ready for a flawless make-up application.

To make your mask even more effective use a face scrub such as our Radiance Face Scrub, a jam-like texture that not only smells amazing but brings out the natural glow in your skin! Enriched with pomelo from Corsica and natural fruit acids, the Radiance Scrub immediately works to exfoliate the skin. Taking off the dead-skin cells will help your face mask sink in even deeper!"

2. The Little Touches

"Now you’re almost ready, it’s time to add the details! Why not adorn your lovely pout that hasn’t had a chance to show itself for a while? You’ll be spoilt for choice with our selection of lip colours, from intense mattes to silky satins, tinted balms to luscious lip oils, we have them all! (Including a cheeky lip scrub that is lickably tasty; and if you haven’t tried a lip scrub before I can’t recommend them enough!) We have lots of wonderful colours and finishes to choose from so for sure we can find your perfect lip shade!"

Light Reflection Highlighter

"Now to really set off your inner glow, why not add a bit of outer glow too? We have our gorgeous Light Reflection Highlighter to add to your cheek bones, upper lip line, lower lip center and brow bones to give you that dewy look."

3. Layer It Up

"Now an outfit isn’t complete without a perfume I say, so make sure you choose something memorable! We have an amazing fragrance for the festive season with Vanilla and Orchid that will really get those heads turning!"

Néroli & Orchidée Intense Eau de Toilette

"Based on our current best-selling Neroli & Orchidée perfume, this festive twist is a sensuous blend of orange blossom, vanilla and fig milk; it will delight your senses, as well as those of anyone lucky enough to be around you! Containing hints of lime and mandarin it enters your senses with a kick and leaves with a subtle sweet warmth. This makes it an easy one to please, regardless which types of fragrance you prefer!"

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"But did you know, whichever scent you choose to wear, if you use matching products such as the shower gel or body lotion to your perfume, the scent particles will bond together and make your fragrance last longer? And who wouldn’t want that?

However, if you still prefer to have a little fragrance touch up for peace of mind, we also have a matching hand-bag size hand cream! We have some great gift sets that will save you on your fragrance-layering-combos, so whether for yourself or a gift it’s not one to miss!"


4. Time Saving Essentials

"Now as much as we’d love to always have an ultimate pamper before we head out, it’s not always possible, so for those short on time or last minute meet-ups, we have some perfect handbag essentials to take you from desk to party!"

The Petit

"Now for our little pocket wonder, the Petit Remedy is a multi-purpose balm; a soothing and nourishing balm containing shea butter, almond, immortelle and lavender, you can use it for your lips, dry skin patches, nails, eyebrow taming - the possibilities are endless!"


Rose Calisson

"The after work party is starting soon and you need a fragrance refresh... Wherever you go, carry with you the sweet and floral scent of Rose Calisson with this convenient purse friendly fragrance-gel. Use it anytime, anywhere."


Fruity Lip

"Finally put on a bit of our must-have fruity lip perfector, far easier to put on whilst on a train or in a cab and much more forgiving if you make a mistake."

"So grab your coat, feel that confidence, and step onto the catwalk; it’s your time to shine!

Enjoy! Sasha x"