Hand Care

Discover the best of hand care products by L’OCCITANE, made with natural organic ingredients such as shea butter, almond and cherry blossom. From luxurious hand creams that moisturise and restore dry chapped hands, to nourishing soaps, creamy handwashes and hand softening scrubs, L'OCCITANE  has all you need.

Hand Care Bestsellers

Hand Sanitiser

Keep your hands clean on the go with our anti-bacterial hand gels! Perfect for rinse-free cleaning, our gently perfumed hand sanitisers will leave your hands germs free without drying out your skin.

Hand Wash & Liquid Soaps

Clean your hands without missing out on nourishment with our hand wash range. Our liquid soaps come in a variety of scents, straight from the fields of Provence. Available in lavender, verbena, almond and many more scents, our liquid soaps come packaged with an easy-to-use pump and are also available as refills. For hands that are clean and moisturised, look no further.
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Hand Creams & Lotions

Harsh and cold weather can dry and crack your hands, so it's important to give them a little more attention, especially in winter. Our nourishing hand creams and moisture rich hand lotions will keep your skin soft and hydrated wherever you are. Made with nourishing almond oil and softening shea butter, our hand moisturisers will leave your hands softer and smoother than ever before.
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Shea Hand Balm


Give your hands an extra dose of nourishment with our Shea Butter Intensive Hand Balm. With 25% organic shea butter, this ultra-rich formula melts into the skin, delivering comforting and softening results.

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Hand Treatments & Scrubs

Looking for some extra nourishment? Explore L'OCCITANE's hand treatment collection and get that soft skin feel in no time. Our natural and nourishing hand scrub will soften your hands, while our intensive balms and award winning hand creams will leave your skin soft to touch for hours.

4 Simple Steps To Rejuvenate Your Hands

With age comes infinite wisdom, a new appreciation for experiences and time spent with those we love, and more than a few stories to tell. However, age has its drawbacks too, particularly when it comes to the skin and the way that our exterior appears both in appearance and texture.
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Soap gets rid of bacteria and virus's, while also cleansing the skin. At L’Occitane, we've been making solid and liquid soaps since 1980, when Olivier Baussan purchased the first soap making materials. Find out more about our soaps!



Washing your hands throughout the day can lead to dry and cracked hands, as water tends to dehydrate the skin and leaves it dry and exposed to the environment. Keep your hands maintained by following our 4-step routine to keep them soft and moisturised!


L'OCCITANE Recycling Programme

Recycling Programme


Respect for the environment is at the heart of L’OCCITANE, that’s why we’ve partnered with TerraCycle® to provide a collection and recycling programme for our customers to be able to simply recycle their empties at any of the L’OCCITANE boutiques.