L’Occitane supports Hometree

Since 1976, L’OCCITANE has been protecting the richness of our lands and we are committed to defending biodiversity for the generations to come.

We celebrate nature and our mission is to give back to it. That is why we are proud to partner with Irish Charity, Hometree.

1 hand cream sold = €1 donated towards tree planting in Ireland!

This year, L’OCCITANE has collaborated with Hometree to fund tree planting in Ireland. Over the Black Friday weekend, we will donate €1 per hand cream sold towards this wonderful cause. The gift of a tree gives back for generations; cleaning our air, purifying our water, providing shelter and shade for our wildlife. Let’s fight to protect biodiversity for future generations!

Why Hometree?

Hometree began in a small community garden project in winter 2015, where it was identified how important it was for people to connect with nature. Five years on, Hometree has planted over 30,000 pioneer trees - scots pine, willow and alder - while hundreds of people have contributed time and resources to the vision of incorporating more trees into the Irish landscape, bringing all the benefits that woodlands create such as carbon sequestration, nutrient cycling, water and air purification, maintenance of wildlife habitat and simple, pure sensory delight to cite some.

With the funds donated by L’OCCITANE, Hometree will plant 1,200 native trees in Ireland; install two beehives and three seed tunnels, as they are essential pollinators. The collaboration between L’OCCITANE Ireland and Hometree will allow for the planting of a new forest, new educational opportunities and the enhancement of tree nursery in the country. Hence, playing an important role in re-establishing native, biodiverse forest across Ireland. This initiative is co-funded by L’OCCITANE Foundation. This is the L’OCCITANE way to celebrate Give Back Friday.

Our Biodiversity Is Threatened

Over half of the world's coral reefs have disappeared in the last 30 years.

12,000 species of plants are endangered.

The number of vertebrates in the world has been halved since 1970.

Our Commitment: Respecting Biodiversity

We are dedicated to defending and promoting the unique biodiversity of our lands.

We aim to plant over 31,000 trees across the globe which will help improve ecosystems, regenerate lands & protect wildlife.

Agroforesty Benefits

Agroforesty Benefits
Boosts water regulation across farmlands
Agroforesty Benefits
Encourages key wildlife to help pollinate crops
Agroforesty Benefits
Improves animal welfare