Fragrances have the power to uplift our mood, connect us to memories and, ultimately, are expressions of our own personality. Irish beauty writer and presenter Laura Bermingham shares with us her favourite scents, tips and what is essential to consider when shopping online for a new fragrance.

How do you select the perfect scent for you?

"For me, scent is like an accessory, another part of the outfit I'm wearing. When I get dressed putting on fragrance is the last thing I do, which one I spritz depends on how I want to feel for the day and where I might be going. Even working from home I wear it every day, it's too nice not to put it on."

How do you layer your fragrances?

"Starting with the heaviest scent, (maybe one with patchouli or Oud) I'll spritz my wrists and the back of my neck. Then with a lighter fragrance that has grapefruit or citrus notes I'll spritz over the first one. In Summer, it's a great way of wearing a heavier scent with notes that are much fresher and light.

Alternatively, if I want to stick with a single fragrance, layering it with a matching body lotion is lovely too as it intensifies the fragrance all over, as does a hand cream with the same fragrance, those are great to have in your handbag to keep the hands nourished."

How do you find your fragrance fit?

"Sometimes you'll know from the notes if you will love a fragrance which is why it's a good idea to search for those online. Other times, it will be from testing in-store but until we can do that again researching is the best way."

Do you prefer EDT’s or EDP's?

"In Summer, an EDT is perfect when it's warmer, but an EDP in the colder months is better. That said, if you spritz in the morning an EDP will last a few hours longer." 

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Do you buy Fragrances as Gifts? If so, what do you consider when buying a fragrance gift?

"Fragrance is a great gift, especially for the men in our lives. If buying for a woman, picking up body care from the fragrance she loves is a guaranteed hit and a total treat. If choosing for a man, you'll never go wrong with something that's a bit spicy or aquatic, they love those types of scents."


What is your favourite L’OCCITANE fragrance and why?

"My favourite L'OCCITANE scent is Pamplemousse Rhubarbe EDT from the collaboration with Pierre Hermé. It's a really unexpected fragrance with grapefruit and rhubarb, sweet, fresh, and tart, all at once. For holidays and Summer though I always have Verbena or Citrus Verbena, the zesty lemon freshness is a sunny day in a bottle."

What are your tips for selecting a fragrance online?

"Buying online is a great option right now, but do your research. Look at the perfume notes, and if there is anything unfamiliar do another search on what that is before making your purchase. If you have a favourite scent or scents, search for what they have in common and use a fragrance finding tool to find something new that's similar."


What physical aspects attract you to fragrance?

"Sometimes really ornate bottles are beautiful to have, other times the plainest bottles are chic and elegant. But if I have a 50ml or 100ml of something I love and pop on in the morning, I will buy a smaller bottle to pop in my handbag for an uplifting top up during the day."

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