How to Create a Relaxing Working From Home Environment

“You’re on Mute!”, “Oop – there goes the doorbell, I’ll be right back”, “Not now, Mummy’s on a call” – sound familiar? For those of you who have acclimatised to working from home over the past year, I’m sure the answer is a resounding YES! – We caught up with Regent Street Flagship General Manager & QVC Guest Presenter for L’Occitane, Millie Lloyd to see how she sets her Working From Home environment.

Having a home office absolutely has its benefits, after all no one misses being squished on a packed train or the overriding feeling of impatience when stuck in traffic! But after a year of staring at the same environment from dusk ‘til dawn, creativity can feel stifled and the environment can feel flat. Despite the gradual return to the office for many, working from home looks like it’s here to stay for several of us.

Therefore, it’s worth spending the time to create an environment that inspires you and allows you to be at your best during the working day – helping towards the ultimate balance of home office convenience and office level productivity.

1. Scent Your Space

Scent sets the tone for the day ahead and helps to transport you from home mode into office mode with a single spritz (as well as cover up any kitchen smells too if like me, your dining table doubles up as a desk!). Whether you’re looking for an energy boost to keep your eyes from glazing over your screen, or looking to calm your nerves ahead of a presentation or meeting, there is a scent to maatch your WFH needs.

It’s 8:59am and your morning coffee hasn’t kicked in

Reach for our Verbena Shower Gel to have your senses awakened with the zesty burst of lemon and orange, and allow the naturally uplifting properties of the verbena leaf to motivate you into the day ahead.

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You’re heading into a pitch and want to express your most confident self

Look no further than a rich, deep Eau de Parfum to become your power suit in a bottle. I would recommend dousing yourself in our classic Terre de Lumiere, to give you the feeling of sophistication and self-assurance on the inside, even if you’re in your slippers on the outside.

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You’re heading into your performance review and you need to calm your nerves

Our Relaxing Pillow Mist’s bespoke blend of 5 different essential oils including lavender and geranium does more than just simply allow you to rest easier the night before, as it also doubles up as a room spray for those moments when you need a little bit of extra calm in the air.

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2. Stretch & Soften

Working from Home really puts your hands to work as conversations from water cooler catch-ups to board meetings tend to happen in written form, rather than in verbal. This means that our tapping fingertips, and note-writing limbs require a little TLC from time to time and what better way than a multi-tasking hand cream? There’s a hand cream for every scenario, so find the one that suits your routine best and place it proudly beside your computer screen to remind you to take a moment for yourself every once in a while.

Almond Delicious Hands

I have five minutes before my next meeting and looking for some Me-Time? Look no further than our manicure in a tube, our Delicious Hands Almond Hand Cream. Rich in almond milk, almond protein and almond oil, this indulgent cream will both soften your hands and strengthen your nails in a matter of minutes – just in time to talk with your hands on your next Zoom call!

Shea Butter Hand Cream

I’m about to listen to a 1 hour long Webinar, how can I make the most of my time? This is where the beauty of working from home comes into its own; multitasking. Time is on your side in this scenario, so I would choose one of our richer formulas such as the Shea Butter Hand Cream, or even our Intensive Shea Butter Hand Balm if your hands are particularly dry, for an at home spa like treatment. Apply a slightly thicker layer than usual and allow the oils and butters to penetrate the skin over the course of your listening session, patting off any excess once you need to be back at your keyboard. Your hands will look, and feel, brand new.

3. Time To Unwind

Finally, knowing when to close your computer and resume home life is absolutely part of your home office routine; being able to switch from one mode to the other in the same environment. I find that a change of scenery is the most effective way to do this, such as going for a walk or meeting a friend, however when the weather has other ideas I turn to my bathroom (a screen-free zone!) to help me unwind after a day in front of the computer. My three staples which take me from office to evening are as follows:

Soak away your troubles

As simple as it is, the most hectic and stressful of days can be eased by a soothing, creamy bubble bath for me! Whilst I would typically opt for our Lavender Foaming Bath for the relaxing properties, recently I’ve been really enjoying the added moisture the Shea Butter 5% Foaming Bath puts back into my skin.

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My secret to looking rested

My evening routine wouldn’t be complete without my Reset! The screen fatigue absolutely shows on my face, and stares back at me during video calls, so I’m conscious to do all I can to combat the effects of modern day life. The Immortelle Overnight Reset Serum does all the work for me whilst I sleep and gives me the glow by morning, leaving me ready to turn my camera on with confidence from 9am onwards.

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To repair after particularly long days

Whilst Reset is an everyday staple for me, the Immortelle Precious Overnight Mask is my one pot WFH wonder after long days of intense screen time. The aroma of the warm, botanical organic Immortelle Essential oil not only transports me to Corsica in an instant, but also envelops my skin in Vitamin E to help actively repair the skin from external aggressors, particularly blue light from laptops, phone and tablets.

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