The logistics of working from home while juggling childcare duties and taking on the role of teacher is leaving many parents challenged with an impossible juggling act. We spoke to award-winning beauty journalist and stylist Tamara Corin, who is a mum of 5 - juggling everyday life!

Tamara Corin @blusherandbabies, mum of 5, talks about everything from tips on keeping a structured home to how to steal five minutes away for yourself.

Plus, with Mother’s Day around the corner she told us which products she would be gifting and what is on her wish list, apart from an extra few hours of sleep!

What are your tips for juggling motherhood, work and teaching during lockdown?

"Organisation - I try to think one step ahead of the kids, guessing what will go wrong; who will ‘forget’ to brush their teeth, take half an hour to eat a bowl of cereal etc. I always have the kid’s clothes laid out the night before – and mine too, even if we’re going nowhere but downstairs.

Routine - Routine is vital to keep a busy household flowing and gives everyone structure to the day. I use the kids break times to respond to emails, so my inbox doesn’t get out of control. A timetable helps everyone, including myself, to appreciate the weekends more.

Delegate - I’ve learnt overtime that it’s impossible to do everything alone, so I delegate my older kids to do small chores around the house; making the beds, dividing the never-ending piles of laundry into loads, emptying the dishwasher and any other jobs that are kid-friendly."

Do you manage to steal time to pamper yourself? What are your tips for a pamper session?

"During the working week, I set my alarm early in the morning before the children wake up, so I can grab some time in the bathroom without being disturbed. Though it’s the last thing I want to do, I give myself a quick body brush to wake me up and get my circulation going, I can really see the benefits it has had on my skin tone. The thing I most look forward to every day, is using my absolute favourite Almond Shower Oil. It has such a comforting smell while the oily-turn-milky texture feels so luxe and nourishing on my skin that I feel less guilty skipping a body cream if time doesn’t allow. I love it so much I hide it after every use, so my husband doesn’t steal it!"

"Evenings are a little harder for me to allocate me-time, after the same daily struggle of getting all of them to bed, which I kid you not, can take up to two hours, I try and lock myself in the bathroom, light a candle and soak in the bath. I find it hard to switch off, so I use products that encourage me to relax. My go-to for a good skin-friendly bubble bath is the Lavender Foaming Bath. It gives great bubbles and its beautifully fragrant without being overpowering like some lavender products tend to be. I also love the aluminium bottle that compliments the rest of my bathroom."

What tips would you give to other busy mums who need a little moment of self-care?

"This juggle is real whether you have 1,2,3,4 or in my case 5 kids. It’s imperative that we prioritise ourselves, taking time out even if it’s just to get out in the fresh air, alone, for ten minutes!"

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What Mother’s Day gifts are you gifting this year?

"Unlike years gone past, I have decided to gift not only my own mother but friends who have been my rock through lockdown. I want to get them something that is pampering yet practical. The Petit Remedy pots are perfect. These dinky retro-style tins house a multi-purpose balm, by that I mean, I use it to hydrate my lips, (gives great sheen too) to control fly-aways, I press some along my brow bone and high on my cheekbones, plus I regularly use it on my son’s dry skin patches. It’s nourishing, protecting, pampering, completely natural and just £10. It’s a no-brainer."