Back To School - How To Reset

This September, many of us are returning to work or the school run and our diaries are filling up and looking business than ever! We caught up with Karran Wyatt of The Mama Edits, busy-mum of two.

Meet Karran - @themamaedits

Karran has been a L’OCCITANE fan since discovering the Shea Butter Hand Cream many years ago and now keeps one tucked in her handbag, gym bag and glove compartment so she is never without!

We were lucky enough to catch up Karran herself, to talk about what she is doing ahead of the September rush to take time for herself to reset.

How Do You Reset?

“I’m always super busy looking after the girls and making sure they have everything they need, so I like to sit down when I have the chance for a little reset. My ideal way to reset is to turn off all the noise when the kids are in bed; no phones, TVs (or people) and to sit with a glass of wine and a book on my own. I always do this after stripping away the day by cleansing my face, putting my pyjamas on and applying my evening skincare routine.”

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"The star of the show, for me, has to be the Immortelle Overnight Reset Serum - it feels divine from the second I put it on my skin and my face really does feel regenerated in the morning.

My skin always looks super-hydrated and fresh after using the Overnight Reset Serum; like it’s had a really good drink! I always see a difference in my skin when I haven’t used it for a few days."

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How Are You Preparing To Send The Children Back To School?

“By spending lots of time at home; we are always busy, busy, busy and I always give myself a hard time about not having enough hours in the day to spend just kicking back with the kids… so we are going to have lots of downtime, do simple things like jigsaws and movies and then we will get the ball rolling for the big return to school… new uniforms, new shoes, lunch boxes, hair trims… and then I will probably cry whilst dropping them off; especially as my last baby begins school this year!”

For The School Run

What Is One Skincare Tip You Would Tell Your Younger Self?

"Stay out of the sun and start a great skincare regimen from a young age; a face wipe just won’t cut it! I never looked after my skin in my 20s and always thought it was something I could worry about later in life - I wish I’d been more considerate towards my face (and body!) 20 years ago…

Although… I do still need to remind myself to drink more water!"

Whether It's The School Run Or Back To Work, We've Got You Covered!

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