How To Use a Facial Roller - Everything You Need To Know

We caught up with Caroline Matthews, L’OCCITANE Learning & Development Trainer, to hear about the benefits, plus her tips and tricks for using the new Facial Roller!

Caroline has been with L’OCCITANE for 3.5 years and worked in the beauty industry for a total of 15 years.

Caroline trains everyone within L’OCCITANE UK and Ireland, from our artisans in our boutiques, to our colleagues in head office, ensuring they know all about the key ingredients in our products, science behind them and how to apply them to get the best results. She really is a L’OCCI fountain of knowledge!

The Benefits Of The Facial Roller

“Using a facial roller can stimulate blood flow to the face, which can make your skin look brighter and feel firmer. Great for giving the skins lymphatic drainage system a boost which will help with puffiness like those pesky under eye bags.”

My Skincare Routine

“As I’ve got older, I wear less make-up so skincare has become my priority. The better your skin looks the less make-up you will need. Here are some of my favourite products…”

Aqua Réotier Moisture Prep Essence

“Every morning I use the Aqua Réotier Moisture Prep Essence as a hydration boost. With all the time we are spending indoors with central heating, my skin can feel parched and this is the first step to ultimate hydration before my moisturiser.”


Immortelle Overnight Reset Serum

“I adore Overnight Reset Serum! I have recently become a mum and this has been a lifesaver making me look human again, even after to just one use. It’s like an extra two hours sleep in a bottle.”


Immortelle Precious Cream

“My favourite moisturiser has to be Precious Cream. It contains dynamic hyaluronic acid, which hydrates and plumps my skin and the organic immortelle works to fight free-radical damage and smooth fine lines.”


How I Incorporate The Facial Roller Into My Skincare Routine

“Freshly cleanse and tone your skin and use the roller following the application of your usual skin care, this will help it to glide effortlessly across the skin. The roller can be used daily or when you feel you need to pamper your skin.

I also like to use it along my brow when I can feel a headache coming on from all that screen time, it instantly relieves some tension.”

“Always start from the centre of your face and work outwards towards hairline working your way up your face, do one side then the other.

Close your eyes and roll from the corner of your eye closest to the bridge of your nose, outwards towards your ears, repeating on both sides.”

Facial Roller Tips & Tricks

“The roller is naturally cool but try storing your roller in the fridge to give an intensely cooling feeling that can tighten skin on contact.

Use the roller with your favourite skincare to help it glide across your skin, this process can deliver product deeper into your skin.

You can use the roller regularly or just when you are feel particularly puffy and/or lacking radiance."

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