#IChooseLOCCITANE - Ameera

Further to the brand film, L’OCCITANE were thrilled to work with Ameera, who is one of our five cast members, to create illustrations of the commitments outlined in the video. Celebrating Craftsmanship is another of the causes close to our heart, and as Ameera is an artist we wanted to showcase her skills.

Look out for her illustrations over on our Instagram channel alongside each video. 

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Empowering Women


Shea Verbena Hands & Body Liquid Soap Refill

Artist Ameera has noticed how much single-use plastic she uses every day and therefore tries to reduce her use! She is a big fan of the L’OCCITANE Eco-Refills and wants to spread the message to refill, reuse and recycle.

One of her favourites is the Shea Verbena Hands & Body Liquid Soap Refill...

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All illustrations for our above commitments, designed by Ameera.