#IChooseLOCCITANE – Bay Garnett


This year, Bay was the person behind the Project Earth campaign where, for the first time ever, we saw the second hand charity store Oxfam do a pop-up in Selfridges. Bay loves to reuse wherever possible and is conscious of the story behind each product; where it has been made and the journey it went through to enter our homes. Bay has been a L’OCCITANE customer for years and is inspired by the relationship we have with our producers and our recycling initiatives. This made her the perfect fit for our new brand film ‘I Choose L’OCCITANE’ – we caught up with Bay to tell us all about her favourite products and why Supporting Producers, one of L’OCCITANE’s commitments, meant so much to her.

What drew you to L’OCCITANE?

“I have always loved the products, for many years. One of my favourite things is being in a French market in the country (preferably in Provence) and buying soap and tablecloths, lavender and all those lovely things…L’OCCITANE reminds me of that.”

What do you think about the L’OCCITANE commitments?

“I think they are so great, especially at the moment, we all need to think about supporting local and reducing our waste. It’s lovely to see a brand with such strong commitments at its core."

The commitment you highlighted was Supporting Producers, what does this mean to you?

“It means a lot. The producers are key to the source of the product; where it comes from, how it is grown. Being loyal to the producers is about respect; investing and believing in the pledges that are made and having pride and knowledge in the products that are being sold.”

What are your favourite L’OCCITANE products?

“I love the Lavender soaps. The Shea Butter Hand Cream is delicious, and I love the Verbena Foaming Bath and Leaf Soap. Oh! And the Shea Verbena Hand And Body Liquid Soap…I could go on.”

Who will you be treating to a L’OCCITANE gift this Christmas?

“My whole family, I know they will love the products! I’d like to get my mum a mixture of different soaps, especially lavender for her to relax, along with the Verbena Foaming Bath and Immortelle Divine Cream for a well-deserved pamper. For my sisters, I am going to get them the Shea Butter Hand Cream as we all need this right now, the Lavender Foaming Bath to give them some peace and quiet and Almond Delicious Soap because it smells amazing!”


This Christmas, every gift you buy from us supports local farmers and producers in Provence, Corsica and Burkina Faso, so you can bring joy to your loved ones while giving back at the same time.

This year, more than ever, we are here for all your Christmas Gifting needs and we are sure you’ll find something for everyone with our selection of gifts from Provence.  


You are the Queen of Thrift, what can people do to be more thrifty?

 “There is so much you can do! Buy second-hand, and donate what you can to charity shops. I think it’s just that question to oneself: Do I need it? Do I really want it? Being mindful of what we are consuming. It’s hard, but we all need to do it more, myself very much included!”

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