In The Frow: Skincare Q&A

In 2019, we ventured to Corsica and the immortelle fields with content creator Victoria @inthefrow, to discover the power of the immortelle flower contained within our skincare collections. We caught up with Victoria about her go-to skincare and how to protect your skin through the seasonal transition.

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What's your autumn skincare routine?
“As the seasons change and temperatures fall, my skin looks dry and feels dehydrated. As a remedy, I opt for products that add the moisture and hydration that my skin screams for! I switch from a lightweight moisturiser to a richer cream for the evenings, the Immortelle Divine Cream is perfect, it’s my go-to. Many of my friends and I suffer from dry eyelids at this time of the year so we switch to a rich eye cream. The Immortelle Divine Eye Balm is perfect to lock in hydration!”

What's results have you seen from the Divine Cream? 
“I've had the pleasure of being able to integrate the new Immortelle Divine Cream into my routine for the last few months and I'm so thrilled to say that it's made such a difference in my skins look and feels. What I adore most about Immortelle Divine Cream is the instantaneous feeling of velvet when you apply it. For my skin it feels like I'm giving it a boost of all the things it needs to leave me with a smooth, enviable glow and a nourished dermis. It is the ideal treat for skin that needs a little Divine intervention.”

As an influencer, you must experience a lot of screen-time. What do you do to protect your skin from the harmful effects of blue-light exposure? 
“I am a huge fan of the Immortelle Precious Overnight Mask to fight the harmful effects of blue light-exposure. With my job, I spend hours in front of the screen, penning blog posts, chatting to my following and put final touches to my latest Instagram post. To avoid a loss of firmness in my skin or an increase in fine lines, I steer towards products that contain Hyaluronic Acid to actively plump and boost skin hydration. The Immortelle Precious Overnight Mask leaves my skin feeling renewed, smooth and brighter. It’s the perfect remedy!”

We know you have a busy schedule, but your skincare routine is still important, what's the one product you never fail to include? 
“SPF! Come rain or shine, I won’t leave home without it. UV protection is critical to keep premature aging at bay! The Reine Blanche Illuminating UV Shield in SPF 50 is a fabulous to protect, hydrate and brighten your skin.”
During your trip to Provence last year, what did you learn about our sustainability and producers? 
“During my trip to Provence, I was lucky enough to visit one of the many Immortelle fields that are a source of work for over 130 French farmers and 10,000 pickers. L’OCCITANE work directly with their famers to ensure that the ingredients they use are of the highest quality and grown using sustainable production methods only. They are incredibly involved at ground level and know their suppliers and raw ingredients inside out! It shows they care, not only about what we put on our skin but the entire process, from seed to skin!”
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