Celebrating International Women's Day

We are celebrating the Women of L’OCCITANE this International Women’s Day! Here at L’OCCITANE, we know better than anyone how inspiring, strong, kind, funny, creative, smart and empowering women are. After all, they make up almost 90% of our workforce!

We have selected six inspiring women from our Warehouse, Boutiques and Head Office, to hear what International Women’s Day means to them.

Sophie Bezard
Visual Merchandising Manager

“International Women’s Day is a chance for people to stop and look at the work of women. A piece of advice my Mother gave me was to enjoy the moment; relax don’t look back and try not to worry too much. I would tell my future self to ditch perfection.”

Urte Valaityte
E-Commerce Logistics Manager

"International Women’s Day is a powerful day for women. I do believe that we unite more than ever on this day. What I would tell my future self, there are two things that make you dance, your desires. So I say to myself dream big and love life."

Darnett McPherson
Canary Wharf Boutique Manager

“What does International Women’s Day mean to me? Our voices have started to be heard; Our contribution to society and achievements are finally appreciated. On International Women’s Day I will be celebrating my Grandmother. I would like her to know that without her love and dedication, I would not be the woman I am today. I owe her everything”

Sanita Fantinel
Victoria Boutique Manager

"International Women's Day means to me, apart from the main reason, is gender equality. This day means to me flowers, spring and appreciation to all of women that are here and makes this world beautiful and wonderful. I would say to my future self hey future me. Don't be harsh on yourself. You are better, stronger than you think you are."

Stefania Spitzl
London Cluster

“On International Women’s Day I will be celebrating all the strong women in my family who have always set a good example for me. I would like the women in my family to know that they have been the biggest influence on me, even when they didn’t realise it.”

Poonam Rafique
Wholesale Demand Planner

"For me, International Women’s Day is a sisterhood which celebrates women who have made a real impact with their lives and provide an inspiration for women globally. My sister loves L’OCCITANE products; she enjoys that they’re both hardworking and indulgent.”

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In celebration of International Women’s Day, L’OCCITANE has decided to donate £2 from every Hand Cream Trio sold* from 15th February - 14th March 2021.

The funds will go to a Women’s Empowerment charity of your choice based in the UK and Ireland.


Women’s Empowerment is a commitment that has been at the heart of the brand since founder, Olivier Baussan, ventured to Africa in search of Shea butter, known as "women's gold". Only women are allowed to harvest the nuts and make the butter, hence the nickname, providing a source of income for many women in Burkina Faso.

Since the 1980s, L'OCCITANE has been purchasing Shea butter from Burkina Faso and working with women Shea butter producers, with a focus on support and joint development.