Prestige Colognes

Discover our Prestige Colognes - 3 distinctive and long-lasting Eau De Parfum for Men, inspired by Man and facets of our heritage.

Staying true to our roots, each men's fragrance is the combination of natural ingredients sourced in France. Through its pure ingredients and its beautiful notes, each perfume is linked with our brand commitments, history and the L'OCCITANE Homme history (since 1994).



A warm, gourmand & sensual masculine fragrance.
A tribute to the the true story of a meeting, between Olivier Baussan and the women of Burkina Faso. An opulent scent inspired by two ingredients close to L’OCCITANE - Clary sage: rooted & sourced in France, and Roasted Shea almond: captured for the first time in this fragrance

  • Warm & Sensual


The warm scent of roasted shea almond, heated under the arid African sun. Combined with the amber aspect of natural French clary sage and the warm and sensual note of Mediterranean orris. It’s a powerful eau de parfum combination  for men you’d never expect! 

TOP NOTE: Clary Sage from France, Bergamot, Cardamom, Black Pepper 
HEART NOTE: Roasted Shea almond accord, Coffee Pure, Cocoa
BASE NOTE: Orris from Mediterranean region, Boubon Vetiver, Cedar wood


A fresh, earthy & sophisticated fragrance for him.
A tribute to the Olive Tree of Provence, a much beloved historical ingredient at L’Occitane and inspired by the scent of a forest after the rain has swept through, this woody perfume reveals the green notes of olive tree wood, with hints of aquatic fruits, eucalyptus and pine.

  • Fresh & Earthy


The invigorating scent of a centenary olive tree field after the rain, combined with the green aspect of French violet and the menthol note of Mediterranean eucalyptus leaves an earthy and natural scent. Our experts managed to capture this exquisite experience in a unique perfume for men.

TOP NOTE: Eucalyptus from Mediterranean region, Star anise, Lime, Elemi 
HEART NOTE: Olive wood accord, Bourbon Geranium, Cypress
BASE NOTE: Violet from France, Patchouli, Cedar wood, Bourbon Vetiver


An aquatic, fresh & aromatic eau de parfum for him.
A tribute to our leading commitment to preserve our oceans & lands, this fragrance is inspired by driftwood carried by the wind , creating a bright, refreshing and uplifting perfume.

  • Aquatic & Aromatic
10 /10 (1)


This men's fragrance perfectly unites the fresh, mineral notes of rivers and oceans, with rosemary, rooted & sourced in France and the woody, spiced notes of driftwood - captured for the first time in this scent for men, sublimated by hints of lavender and red algae.

TOP NOTE: Rosemary from Mediterranean region, Red Algae, Crisp Leaf accord
HEART NOTE: Driftwood accord, Sea salt accord, Nutmeg
BASE NOTE: Cedar wood, Bourbon Vetiver, Moss accord


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At L'Occitane, staying true to our roots is of fundamental importance. Each of the natural ingredients in our men's fragrance collection have been sustainably sourced in France and Burkina Faso. With respect for biodiversity and the sustainability of the ingredients used at the core of our philosophy, these perfumes have been crafted with a sustainable, vegan formula, demonstrative of L'OCCITANE's commitment to the environment, and care for the viability of the earth's ecosystems.

We chose to remove the corrugated carton inside from the box in order to preserve 0.5 tonnes of paper by year (or 13 trees). Further to this, the glass packaging for these fragrances is made with 20% of recycled glass.
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