L'OCCITANE are proud to be featuring on BBC StoryWorks, showing how the cosmetic industry is helping biodiversity. The L’OCCITANE episode will showcase how we have helped to bring the almond tree back to the South of France as well as our responsible sourcing of Almonds, with producers Jean-Pierre Jaubert and France Amande.

The almond tree was all but eradicated from the Provence landscape due to the popularity of olives and Lavender in the region. L’OCCITANE has worked with its producers to replenish the almond trees in the region and today they thrive. The almond tree is at the heart of L’OCCITANE and provides a true and inspirational story of how we can help nature when all seems lost! 

See the video below...

Supporting Our Producers

Meet Jean-Pierre, an Almond Producer in Alpes de Provence France

We are committed to sourcing almonds from local producers in the South of France so that the almond tree, which had long been forgotten in the region for favour of Olives, could again become a familiar element of the Provençal landscape.