L'OCCITANE x Jenna Nicholls

We caught up with content creator, Jenna from Jen’s Where blog, to find out how she keeps her enviable locks in perfect, glossy condition!

"I like to keep things simple really - mainly because I’ve got a lot of hair and it’s a serious arm ache to wash, dry and style all the time, but also because I believe less is more.

I usually wash my hair every other day. This is for two reasons - I have psoriasis on my scalp and because I workout a lot so it goes from clean to dirty pretty quickly. If I don’t workout, and I’ve double shampooed, then I can usually leave it an extra day or two. Sweat dries out the scalp so this triggers my psoriasis a lot. I love to use a scalp cleanser/exfoliator 2-3 times a week to really make sure I’m looking after it. The L’OCCITANE Purifying Freshness Cleansing Scrub is great for this and smells minty fresh!"


"Using the right Shampoo and Conditioner for your hair is key. As mine is so long, bleached and I use tongs, I like to go for something super nourishing. At the moment I’m using the new L’OCCITANE Almond Shampoo and Conditioner which leave my hair smelling gorgeous and super soft."

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"With all the heat and styling I do I always use a heat protecting cream on towel dried hair. As my hair is so thick, I find sprays don’t penetrate deep enough to give enough protection so a cream is the best option for me. They also add shine and help to smooth your hair without adding weight or tackiness."


"After all of the pollution, styling and frequent dying that we do we need to make sure we give our hair some TLC on a regular basis. I love, love, love a hair mask and tend to go for either a colour corrector or hydration mask. I do this every Sunday evening but more if necessary as it’s great to feel pampered. The L’OCCTIANE Hair Masks are a doddle. You pop them on 10 Minutes before washing and you’ve got yourself some luscious locks!"


"I tend to wear my hair 3 different ways - straight, curly or in a slicked-back ponytail. I use a heat protector spray on dry hair as well before using any tools and then the necessary products to finish like hair spray or balm. I also love the L’OCCITANE Repair Enriched Infused Oil. It works to protect, repair and strengthen your hair with loads of added shine. Other than that, I don’t use a lot - I find my hair stays styled for longer and it keeps it healthier."


"Healthy hair definitely starts from the inside and there are small things that we can do to make sure we are keeping it healthy on the outside. Omega 3 is good for generating regrowth and maintaining health. I take a supplement every morning and this has noticeably helped my hair and nail growth, as well as other health benefits, such as its natural anti-inflammatory properties. Please do check with your doctor before taking any supplements – everyone is different and you may add in something extra you’re already in excess of."

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