L’OCCITANE Chats To Jenna Nicholls

We caught up with Jenna, content creator and gym owner, to find out how she keeps her enviable locks in perfect, glossy condition and how she has incorporated the new Solid Conditioner into her hair care routine to reduce her bathroom waste.

Talk us through your hair care routine...

I put my hair through a lot every day in the gym. It tends to get sweaty, pulled into a ponytail and requires washing often. However, I’ve managed to reduce this over the last year and can go a little longer between washes. To keep my psoriasis in check I use a scalp scrub, such as the L’OCCITANE Purifying Freshness Cleansing Scrub, and a hair mask once a week for extra TLC before my shampoo and conditioner. I love the Solid Shampoo for how easy it is to use, so was ecstatic to add in the new Solid Conditioner. It’s completely fuss free and takes up very little space, so I can chuck it in my gym bag, plus it lasts 2 x longer than equivalent bottles and leaves my hair super soft and silky.

What are your favourite L’OCCITANE hair products?

I love, love, love the Almond Shampoo & Conditioner Duo because it’s so nourishing (and compliments my fave Almond Shower Oil) and when my hair is feeling dry and brittle I always reach for the Intensive Repair Enriched Infused Oil - perfect to adds to the ends for treatment.

How do you use the Solid Shampoo?

The Solid Shampoo is great because it’s slightly curved, meaning it’s designed to fit the shape of your head. I make sure that my hair is thoroughly wet, lather the shampoo bar between my hands under the water to get it going and then swipe it down the length of my hair from root to tip. It’s great because then it’s evenly spread and not clogged in the thickness of your hair.

How do you use the Solid Conditioner?

The Solid Conditioner works very similarly to the shampoo. Once I’ve thoroughly rinsed my hair I apply the conditioner through long sweeps from mid-lengths to the ends and then rinse. I can feel the product as it’s instantly soft due to the essential oils.

Jenna’s Favourite L’OCCITANE Products

What are the benefits of using a solid shampoo & conditioner vs a liquid shampoo & conditioner?

First of all, they’re more sustainable – the L’OCCITANE Solid Bars are housed in packaging made from 100% recycled and recyclable paper, and entirely plastic-free! So, when purchasing one, your plastic consumption will be 31.3g less than if you bought a liquid shampoo! Great extras are that they’re very easy to travel with, use less water and take up less room on a shower shelf.

Solid Shampoo & Conditioner are great for travelling, where will you be jetting off to with them this year?

I’m headed to Egypt for a week but am only taking cabin luggage, so am happy these won’t take up space in my liquids bag! It’s also very hot so my hair will need all the nourishing it can get!

What do you recommend for keeping your hair healthy?

To keep your hair healthy I recommend regular haircuts to manage split ends, heat protection and silicone free products (the entire L’OCCITANE haircare range is silicone free!), plus regular treatments. It’s also good to avoid using elastic hair bands, so investing in silk bands and a decent brush is key.