Men's Fragrances

Each of our fragrances for men tells a story, revives a legend, sings the song of Provence. Our wide range of men's fragrances is perfect to suit different styles and personalities, always with a unique touch that embodies the captivating atmosphere of Provence. Explore aftershaves and perfumes for men in a variety of scents, from woody to citrus.

Men's Fragrances

Find your signature scent with L'Occitane. Fragrances are designed to have 3 sets of notes which unfold over time to create each fragrance’s individual scent... Top Notes which are key to informing your initial impression of the fragrance, Heart Notes which act as the main body of the fragrance and Base Notes which bring richness and depth to create the fragrances lasting impression.
Eau de Toilette is the most popular concentration of fragrance, usually around 7-12% which has a greater focus on top notes and is designed to be reapplied for frequently. Eau de Cologne is often compared to Eau de Toilette but has a lower concentration, between 3-5% and is designed to be applied liberally. Explore our collection of men’s aftershaves and discover masculine, warm and fresh scented fragrances.

Men's Best-Selling Fragrances

Whether you're looking for a light and refreshing eau de toilette or a heavier eau de parfum, L'Occitane has just the right scent for you. Explore our best-selling men's fragrances and find the perfect perfume to suit your personality.

Men's Fragrance Collections

Shop our men's fragrance collection for an indulging scent suitable for every occasion. From woody and warm notes to uplifting and fresh scents, with L'Occitane possibilities seem endless. Explore all of our men's fragrance collections and find your perfect perfume. 
86 Champs Collection

Mysterious & Warm

Created through the distillation of authentic lavender blended with the peppery, nutmeg scent of burnt wood. An elegant and luxurious cologne, L’Occitan is a nod to the rich scents of French Provence, in their ruggedness and mystery.

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Baux Men's Fragrance Collection

Sensual & Spicy

Sensual and mysterious, this fragrance features head notes of red peppercorn and cardamom essential oil blossoming around a warm heart of Provencal cypress and incense.

Discover Baux
L'Occitane Men's Fragrance Collection

Oriental & Fresh

Unexpected combinations are the essence of this exclusive range of Unisex Eaux de Parfum.

Discover 86 Champs
Unisex Fragrance Collection

Woody & Masculine

A fragrance that combines vibrant, aquatic and citrus notes with an intriguing base of woody spices. Previously known as L'Homme Cologne Cedrat.

Discover Cap Cedrat
Eau De Cedrat Men's Eau De Toilette Fragrance Collection

Uplifting & Invigorating

Fine and distinguished, Cedrat asserts its innate elegance, which blends harmoniously with that of bergamot, aromatic spices and a slightly smoky, woody base to bring a sophisticated cascade of freshness.

Discover Cedrat
Cap Cedrat Men's Cologne Fragrance Collection

Unisex Fragrances

Explore our range of unisex fragrances and find your new favourite scent.

Discover Unisex


Allow us to introduce our new collection of 3 distinctive and long-lasting Eau De Parfum for Men, inspired by Man and facets of our heritage - L'OCCITANE HOMME.
Bois Flotté Eau de Parfum
  • Aquatic & Aromatic
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Olivier Ondé Eau de Parfum
  • Fresh & Earthy
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Karité Corsé Eau de Parfum
  • Warm & Sensual
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Scent. It can be such a powerful memory evoking, mood-boosting sense in our lives and one that can instantly help you feel more, well, you!
So how do we find 'the one' perfume that speaks to you amongst so many choices from the fragrance world? Allow us to help you find your match.

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Types of Fragrance

Shopping for fragrance can be complex. Alongside the unique mixture of scented notes, you might have noticed a difference in labelling and alongside that, a significant difference in price. The French terms used to describe different types of perfume are universal. Both Eau De Toilette and Eau De Parfum have precise and specific meanings that are incredibly useful to understand. Uncovering the defining features of both can have a significant bearing on both the intensity of your favourite fragrance and the impact on your budget.

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Grooming Collection for Men


Perfect your shaving routine with L'Occitane. We have all the grooming essentials for men - shaving creams, gels, balms and more. Layer with our body & fragrance ranges to build up a long lasting scent throughout the day. Spraying fragrance on moisturised skin also helps to retain the scent for longer.

Cade Grooming Collection For Men


Our Cade Collection protects men’s skin from daily aggressions and modern day challenges like shaving, sun and pollution. It is said that Cade (otherwise known as juniper) has one thousand and one virtues, as well as carrying its own district aroma, Cade can also act as an anti-septic and also works as an exfoliator for the skin.
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Shaving Tips

Shaving Tips

The sophisticated man starts his day with the perfect shave. We're here to help you achieve the ultimate shaving experience with the finest ingredients.