This image shows a woman holding a baby This image shows a woman holding a baby

Becoming a mother takes its toll physically and mentally, and while your mind and body is occupied on more important things, it’s necessary to find the time to take care of yourself too.

With little time for yourself, here’s a few tips and recommendations from L’OCCITANE to help you nourish and give yourself a little pamper with minimal effort in those moments you do manage to steal.

No-Fuss Face Care

Every minute you have to yourself counts as a new mum, which is why products that require minimal effort can be of such value.

Minimise Stretch-Marks

Known and recommended for fragile, sensitive, and very dry skin, excels in smoothing the skin and leaving it soft.

Almond Oil limits the appearance of stretch marks, and reduces redness and itchiness.


For new mums, nights of deep, unbroken sleep remain a longed-for luxury. Here are some products from our Lavender Collection to help you attain deep relaxation, even if you are not managing to get much sleep.

Making Bathtime Magical Making Bathtime Magical

Making Bathtime Magical

Our foaming bath cream and moisturising milk are the perfect duo to make bath time a serene retreat. Begin by drawing a warm bath and adding a generous dollop of our foaming bath cream. Its delicate bubbles will envelop you and your baby in a cloud of relaxation while cleansing and nourishing their delicate skin. Afterwards, our moisturising milk can be applied to lock in that newfound softness and leaving skin glowing. With this pampering routine, bath time becomes a cherished oasis of self-care for every new mum.

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