A deliciously sweet take on the classic scent of rose

Meet Rose Calisson, a delicious fusion of rose with calisson: a traditional French pastry infused with candied fruit and ground almonds topped with royal icing, making for a floral yet deliciously addictive women's fragrance.

Rose Calisson Eau De Toilette

A rose in a sweet, gourmand embrace. Rose Calisson is a delicious twist on our traditional Rose fragrance, by combining it with Calisson, a traditional French Almond delicacy to create an olfactory combination that is both floral, yet sweet & powdery. 

  • Gourmand & Floral
  • -40%


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Delicate, Gourmand, and Floral Perfume

Top notes of nectarine and mandarin deliver an invigorating burst of citrus, a welcome reminder that spring is on its way and summer is in sight.

Creamy, sweet notes of magnolia with a lightly citrus nuance give rise to the heart of this unique women's perfume; accompanied by rosa centifolia, the rose from Provence; and rosa damascena, an ancient herb renowned for its delectably delicate floral fragrance.

At the base of this eau de perfume, edible notes of calisson are alongside grounding woody notes of cedar wood, indicative of the fusion of the food and landscape that are at the heart of French culture.

Rose Ingredients

Our Roses are harvested in Grasse, France by our producer, Bruno Charpin, who invites a team of pickers that specialise in the art of delicately handpicking roses in the fields. Once picked, they are then thinly spread across a cold room until distillation occurs. Our producers distil at the field to preserve the freshness of the roses.

How To Choose Your Fragrance

Fragrances have the power to uplift our mood, connect us to memories and, ultimately, are expressions of our own personality. Irish beauty writer and presenter Laura Bermingham shares with us her favourite scents, tips, and what is essential to consider when shopping online for a new fragrance.

An understanding of similar scents

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