Shea Soothing Face Care Routine

The ultimate skin rescue remedy to moisturise and soothe dry and very dry skin.






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Renowned for its nourishing powers and protecting properties, Shea Butter is an iconic natural ingredient that soothe dry and very dry skin. It accelerates your skin’s natural repair functions while softening, soothing and relieving itchy skin. Shea Butter act as a barrier, helping maintain skin-hydration levels and prevent moisture loss for a skin that is softer, smoother and more supple.

This skincare remedies must-have includes:
• 200ml Shea Micellar Water
Enriched with Shea extract, this micellar water leaves skin feeling invigorated, softer and moisturised.

• 30ml Shea Bi-Phase Serum
Enriched with shea oil (4%), aloe vera, and hyaluronic acid, this serum with its fine, silky texture and dry finish, helps to instantly reduces feelings of discomfort and tightness and regenerate the skin by strengthening its barrier function. Skin feels better protected, soft and supple. It glows with beauty.

• 30ml Shea Ultra Rich Comforting Face Cream
Formulated with 25% shea butter, this rich face cream will moisturiser your skin up to 72 hours. Skin is supple, soft. Feeling of tightness is reduced and and skin stays comfortable all day long.

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