Your Summer Hair Care Routine

Holidays in the sun are back! Dust off your passports, grab your suitcases and let’s go. Whether you plan to holiday in the UK or abroad, there are lots of factors that can affect our hair in summer. Our summer hair care tips are here to help you maintain healthy hair in summer and avoid getting sun damaged hair after your holiday.

Hello! My Name is Amy, I am the Manager for our Milton Keynes Boutique and have recently celebrated my 10 years with the company. I am a qualified hairdresser and Beauty therapist, with a wealth of Skincare knowledge.

I will be sharing some amazing summer hair tips with you to help get your hair summer ready, covering all of the essentials on how to take care of your hair during summer – across pre-holiday, holiday, and holiday recovery.

How to Prepare Your Hair for Summer

In the days prior to your trip, we would start to make sure our hair is in the best possible condition for those perfect holiday photos and is able to withstand sun, sea, wind, and pool water. Hair masks and oils are some of the best Hair TreatmentsWith concentrated formulas, they are able to treat specific concerns, allowing you to personalise treatments to suit your hairs' needs.

On Holiday

As our hair will now start to be put under a little more stress, we will up the frequency in which we wash our hair inbetween using sun tan lotion, and exposing it to the sea air and sand. Ideally, we want something that will treat our hair with care whilst leaving it feeling clean and weightless.

Save on space without compromising effectiveness, with our gorgeous shampoo bars.

After Sun Hair Care

Once home, we all notice a difference in our hair (with the water difference especially), meaning it can feel lifeless, weighed down and a little more dull than usual.

To combat this, our Best-Selling Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner are a personal favourite of mine and my mum's. She takes it with her to the hairdressers - that’s how much she loves it!

Intensive Sun Hair Repair

Our Intensive Repair Collection is perfect to take care of your hair during summer. Both the shampoo and conditioner are Silicone Free Formulas that helps repair, strengthen and protect brittle and damaged hair. Its gentle Silicone-Free Formula combines Oat Amino Acid, to repair, restructure and improve hair fibre condition and a Patented Anti-Breakage Complex of Five Essential Oils (Angelica, Ylang-Ylang, Sweet Orange, Lavender and Geranium) with Provitamin B5, and Sunflower Oil, protects and gives softness and suppleness to the hair. Plus, as sun and sea water can make our hair frizzy you can use our Intensive Repair Anti Frizz Serum to make your hair smooth and shiny again.

Intensive Sun Hair Repair Intensive Sun Hair Repair