Forgotten Flowers collection, create, and evoke special moments with loved ones in just one spritz for those unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. From 800 plants to 3 - 800 plants initially chosen to develop a distinctive range of Eau De Parfums, and after years of research and development 800 was cut down to 3 creating our Unforgotten Flowers range. A collaboration of perfumers joined together to showcase the originality and personality of our three new flowers, spotlighting just how unforgettable they are. Each fragrance conveys a unique sensory experience, ready to be completed by your own treasured moments. 

Noble Epine Noble Epine

Noble Epine

A tender and delicate fragrance inspired by a flower which is a symbol of purity, it's natural extract has been recreated by us to create a truly unforgettable fragrance.


An elegant and surprising fragrance inspired by a flower which was used in ancient times to create fragrant recipes, now captured in a fragrance to be remembered forever.

Melilot Melilot
Barbotine Barbotine


A soft and delicate fragrance, this perfume’s olfactory notes effortlessly present a floral sophistication alongside revealing a fresh aromatic scent. According to legend, this flower was used in rituals to prolong life which explains the longevity of the flowering occurring from July to September.