Our Verbena Collections

Verbena is an energising, yet soothing citrus, green scent. Invigorate your senses with the much-loved L'Occitane Verbena collection. Close your eyes and transport yourself down the market paths of Provence where the fresh organic Verbena leaves are piled high in baskets. Fill your senses with Verbena's distinctive lemony citrus fragrance and layer with our Verbena invigorating body & hair products for a longer lasting scent. Made with 100% organic Verbena, known for its cooling properties. Discover your new favourites before they go!

Limited Edition Verbena & Mandarin

Discover our Limited Edition Verbena & Mandarin - capturing the aroma of mandarin peels tossed over the burning orange embers in crackling fireplaces and enveloped in a new Limited Edition Provençale packaging.

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Original Verbena Collection

Made with Organic Verbena from our Producer’s field in Provence. Fill your senses with Verbena's distinctive lemony citrus fragrance with our Verbena invigorating body & hair products and fresh fragrances.

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Verbena Hand Care

Discover our delicate soaps, nourishing hand creams, gels and lotions with a fruity Verbena scent.

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Verbena Body Care

Indulge your senses with the citrusy scent of Verbena with our range or body creams, mists and shower gels.

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Verbena Fragrance

Enjoy our range of Verbena Fragrances for him and for her and find your new favourite l'Eau de Toilette.

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It’s a balm you won’t believe

Our first-ever deodorant balm is enriched with carefully selected ingredients of natural origin that you can feel good about. The perfect amount ensures efficacy in fighting against body odors while providing a sensation of comfort throughout.

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Benefits of Verbena

Also known as Lemon Verbena, it provides a refreshing verbena scent which has been used in perfumery, skincare, medicine and herbal remedies for decades. Verbena perfume is a particularly popular scent that’s not only refreshing but also is proven to reduce stress and anxiety.

Aside from its fresh scent, Verbena nourishes the skin and helps it to retain its soft elasticity. It is particularly beneficial in treating scarring and acne, and has long been used as a treatment which calms down skin irritations as well as internal inflammation.

Verbena Favourites

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Limited Edition Verbena x Ayumi

Discover our limited edition Verbena collection in collaboration with artist Ayumi.

The selection of designers we work with is far from random! This is why it was important for us to capture Ayumi’s inspiration and collaborative spirit towards our brand. Ayumi created two illustrations. She used typical Provençale accessories and traditions such as hats, wicker baskets and the sun…


Inspirational producers of Verbena

From their first meeting on the lush tropical island of Réunion, to owning a farm amid the rolling hills of Provence, Philippe and Magalie Mary have lived a storied life together. Their shared passion for sustainable farming and Provençal herbs led the couple to cultivate their crop.

Philippe Soguel has been working with L'OCCITANE for many years, their relationship is based on trust and transparency. They were delighted by the opportunity and excited at the chance to grow not only something new but also a quality ingredient.

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