Over the years, the skin changes and cells gradually lose their "energy." The skin takes longer to regenerate and the signs of ageing appear. There are simple steps that you can take to help fight the visible signs of ageing. To help keep your skin looking young and radiant, use a skincare product tailored to your needs. Discover our tips on how to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and help your skin look firmer and radiant, whatever your age.

Anti-Wrinkle Vs. Anti-Ageing

What's The Difference?

An anti-wrinkle cream helps to smooth the appearance of wrinkles, while an anti-ageing cream acts on the visible signs of skin ageing (wrinkles, uneven skin tone, loss of firmness).

To ensure that your skincare product provides effective action, choose a cream that is suited to your skin and your age.


What's The Difference? What's The Difference?

In Your 20s

Hydration Is Key Hydration Is Key

Hydration Is Key

During your 20s, it's so important to main your skin's youthfulness, but anti-ageing products are not quite necessary yet. The key is hydration, morning and evening.

Formulated with Calcium-Rich Waters of Provence's Réotier Spring, the Aqua Reotier Thirst-Quenching Cream and Aqua Reotier Thirst-Quenching Gel not only moisturises skin, it helps you retain moisture longer than you ever thought possible for naturally radiant skin. Infused with Glycerin to add hydration and Hyaluronic Acid to maximise Collagen production in the skin.

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In Your 30s

Target First Signs of Ageing

Your skin still looks beautiful, but fine lines are starting to appear. Cell renewal and Collagen production are slowing down and, as a result, your skin feels drier and sometimes looks dull. Now you need a cream that not only moisturises, but also helps to fight the first visible signs of ageing.

Harnessing the power of Immortelle & a Dynamic Hyaluronic Acid Complex, our Immortelle Precious Cream is designed to help power up your skins natural ability to renew itself. It's ideal for reducing the appearance of fine lines, early wrinkles, improving texture and plumping up the skin with moisture.

Target First Signs of Ageing Target First Signs of Ageing

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In Your 40s

Help Firm Your Skin Help Firm Your Skin

Help Firm Your Skin

As your skin starts to slacken and wrinkles become more pronounced, it's time to start using complete anti-ageing skincare. And don't forget to apply it to your décolleté!

Our best-selling Immortelle Divine Cream is a cashmere-soft texture cream that fights against visible signs of ageing and helps to revive skin's youthfulness and luminosity. It helps skin regain its firmness and elasticity, for a smoother and brighter looking texture, feeling radiant with youth.

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In Your 50s

Supreme Anti-Ageing

Your skin concerns may now surround a lack of firmness and radiance, deep set wrinkles, aging spots and uneven skin tone or dehydration. Our Divine Harmony Cream is perfect for mature skin.

The silky and indulgent anti-ageing cream combines Immortelle and Jania Rubens - a red algae which is used to target deep set wrinkles and restore hydration to the skin. Upon application, this rejuvenating cream softly melts into the skin, transforming into a fine oil in order to release its active ingredients deeper into the skin.

Supreme Anti-Ageing Supreme Anti-Ageing

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