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Every man’s skin is different, so finding the right shaving product is an essential part of your morning ritual. Our cade range, with its spicy scent, harnesses the power of a precious oil once used by Provençal shepherds to protect their skin from the winds. This Mediterranean wonder soothes and strengthens skin while regulating oil. As part of our Clean at L’Occitane commitment, cade products are ethically sourced and biodegradable, minimising the impact on the environment. From rich and nourishing shaving cream to creamy bars of shaving soap, cade comes in many forms. Our top tips will help you choose the perfect one.

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Short beard: 1-2 weeks of growth or 3cm

Choose your shaving product based on your skin. For example, shaving cream is the best for dry skin as it is thick and moisturising while shaving soap is ideal for oily skin as it allows a close shave without leaving any residue

Long beard: more than 2 weeks of growth or over 3cm

Choose your shaving product based on your hair. If you like to have a well-manicured beard, choose multi-grooming balm. It's transparent, helping you to get a precise shave on the contours of your neck and cheekbones.

Top 3 Shaving Tips

Top 3 shaving tip - Cade shaving ritual - l'Occitane

Enjoy shaving and avoid razor bumps

  1. Shave after a shower: the heat will open the pores and soften the hair.
  2. Choose high-quality shaving products that suit your skin and lifestyle: shaving cream, balm, gel or soap
  3. Shave in the direction of hair growth (with the grain) to prevent ingrown hair, razor burn and irritation.

Golden post-shave rules

  1. After shaving and rinsing, cool off your skin with a cold flannel .
  2. Apply a moisturising and soothing after-shave balm.

Shaving Cream

Shaving cream - Cade shaving cream - l'Occitane

For the ultimate comfortable shaving experience

Enriched with Shea butter and organic cade wood essential oil, Cade Rich Shaving Cream  is ideal for normal to dry skin. It turns into a creamy lather when applied to wet skin, allowing a close shave. Afterwards the skin is left feeling clean, smooth and with a slight hint of men's fragrance. 

Why use a shaving brush? The secret to a generous lather and clear skin lies in using one. While helping to whip shaving cream into a thick lather, it also massages the skin to remove dead cells and impurities. Last but not least, it adds a classic touch to your bathroom when left by the sink. 

Shaving Soap

Shaving soap - Cade shaving soap - l'Occitane

Traditional, unhurried and languorous

The best way to use Cade Shaving Soap is with a shaving brush and bowl, but if you don't have one you can whip it into a lather using massage-like circular motions on the face. This formula works well for oily skin and, because it is solid, is a great choice for frequent flyers.

Like all our shaving products, it's infused with an irresistible men's fragrance – a newly developed scent that amplifies cade wood with warm spicy notes of cinnamon, cloves, sandalwood, musk and dried fruit.

Shaving Gel

Shaving gel - Cedrat shaving gel - l'Occitane


There's always time to shave, even on the most rushed mornings, with Cade Refreshing Shave Gel. Ideal for normal to oily skin, the gel transforms into a foam to protect the skin from the razor's blade. Its refreshing formula makes your hairs stand on end, lifting them away from the skin so your razor can get really close.

Its rich formula helps to reduce the feelings of tightness and irritation, so you can use less moisturiser and spend more time enjoying your morning coffee.

Multi-grooming balm

A 2-in-1 solution for shaving and after-shave skincare

If you believe less is more when it comes to men's skincare products, you'll adore our versatile Cade Multi Grooming Balm. As well as providing an easy glide for a close shave, it can be used as a moisturiser for men afterwards. Transparent and lather free, you can see what you're doing and be really precise around the contours of your neck and cheekbones. Its space-saving double use makes it perfect for travel.

How to use it? 
Apply to wet skin and shave until you achieve a straight beard line. Wipe off, rinse thoroughly, or leave some residue behind for soothing skin hydration. 

End the Ritual With an After-shave Balm

​​L’Occitane after-shaves help to soothe and moisturise the skin, leaving it toned and protected from the trials of everyday life. Our Cade Comforting After Shave Balm is the perfect companion to the products we've mentioned, building on the warm masculine fragrance of our cade shaving gel, soap, and cream.

Its light and fluid texture means it melts into the skin without leaving a greasy residue, and as it contains shea butter, it hydrates the skin to remove feelings of tightness.

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