Woman applying L'OCCITANE Anti-hair loss Serum Woman applying L'OCCITANE Anti-hair loss Serum

Scalp health is often overlooked when it comes to finding the solution for giving your hair (and head) a little TLC. Without a healthy scalp you can experience dandruff, slow-growing hair, and other problems such as an itchy or dry scalp. This is why investing in scalp serums and scalp treatments is so important for beautiful hair

The Benefits Of A Scalp Serum

A woman gently massaging her scalp A woman gently massaging her scalp

Although your go-to remedies might be masks and deep conditioners in your pursuit of luscious locks, there is another product that deserves a place in your hair care regime: scalp serum. From combatting dryness and soothing tension caused by heat and pollution, as well as aiding healthy hair growth, a scalp serum or scalp treatment can rejuvenate your scalp and hair from root to tip. Our scalp serums repair, soothe, and intensely hydrate the scalp for beautiful and more resistant hair.

Although our scalp serums are ideal for all hair types and can be used on their own, they work even better in conjunction with our other hair products. Discover your hair type to find out which products are best suited for your hair, and create the ultimate hair care routine.

How To Use Your Scalp Serum


Your Healthy Scalp Routine

1. MASSAGE - As well as helping keep your scalp at its best, a relaxing head massage also promotes hair growth.

2. WASH - Washing your hair regularly is important to keep your scalp free from congestion and build-up.

3. TREAT - If your scalp is feeling neglected, consider using a scalp serum. Opt for natural ingredients to keep your scalp in perfect balance – Vitamins (like Niacinamide) help soothe and protect, and Nutrients (like Arginine) help build resistance and promote strength.

The image shows a woman gently massaging her scalp The image shows a woman gently massaging her scalp

Products For A Dry Scalp